The most common reason for login failure is a network connection failure.

  • The problem of the device itself should be ruled out first. Please make sure your device can access the network normally. You can also try to switch Wi-Fi or cellular data network or turn off VPN.

[iOS] Go to "Settings" on your phone, find "Grid Diary" and make sure that "Wireless Data" is not turned off.

  • Secondly, there may be a problem with Grid Diary server and it can not be connected. Click to view the status of Grid Diary server. If you log in via WeChat, Google, etc., you should also ensure that third-party services can be accessed normally.

Check your last login method

Grid Diary supports login by email and third-party account (Apple ID / Google / WeChat), please use the last login method to avoid misoperation.

If you are logging in by email, please check if you have received an activation email from Grid Diary. To avoid typing the wrong email address during registration, we recommend that you go to the mailbox immediately after registration to check whether you have received a registration confirmation email, and click the link to complete the account activation.

Use a third-party account to log in correctly

If you have already registered an account with your email, to avoid creating an extra account by mistake, please connect a third-party account in the account page of the Grid Diary App before you can log in with the third-party account.

If you have not registered an account with your email, when you log in with a third-party account, the system will automatically register a new user for you.

About Grid Diary Classic

Please note: The Grid Diary Classic does not have an account system, and the new Grid Diary is an independent application, so you need to register a Grid Diary account to log in. For membership and data migration, please click here to learn more.

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