A complete purchase process includes the following steps:

  1. The user confirms the subscription or payment

  2. A request will be sent to the store server (App Store/ Google Play/ WeChat Pay) to generate an order

  3. The receipt will be sent to the Grid Diary server to activate the corresponding membership duration.

The most common reason for a purchase failure is a failed network connection. It can be known from the above process that the user device is connected to the store server, the store server is connected to the Grid Diary server, and the Grid Diary server is connected to the user device. Errors may occur in these three connections hence the purchase fails.

  • The problem of the device itself should be ruled out first. Please make sure your device can access the network successfully. You can also try to switch Wi-Fi or cellular data network or turn off VPN.

[iOS] Go to "Settings" on your phone, find "Grid Diary" and make sure that "Wireless Data" is not turned off.

  • Second, the store's server may fail to connect. Click to view server status (App Store | Google Play | Wechat Pay)

[IOS] If you have ruled out the network problem and still cannot make purchases, you also need to check whether the current system has access restrictions.

I have been charged, but my membership has not been activated, what should I do?

Usually, the reason is that the purchase receipt of the store server is not sent to the Grid Diary server successfully. You can retry by tapping the "Restore Purchase" button on the app's purchase page. You can also tap the "Subscribe" button to re-execute the purchase process. Don't worry, the store will check the existing orders, and will not cause double charge.

Besides, the Grid Diary server will regularly refresh orders, and inactive orders will usually be processed automatically within one hour. If you have not activated the membership status for a long time after paying, you can try to restart the app. If the problem persists, please contact us.

Why does my membership status appear to expire within one day after I subscribe?

This is also a problem of delay in the communication between the Grid Diary server and the store server. When your order is processed on the server-side, your membership duration will be updated. If your membership duration is still incorrect after 24 hours of purchase, please contact us.

I've got an error: transaction id is taken, what's going on?

This indicates that your Apple ID already has an order on the current device, and it has been bound to another Grid Diary account.

On iOS, App Store orders are tied to your Apple ID. The Grid Diary App supports logging in to multiple accounts, and Grid Diary’s membership is tied to the Grid Diary account. Only one membership can be activated for an order, so you cannot purchase memberships for multiple Grid Diary accounts on the same device.

So before subscribing, please confirm that you are currently logged in with the correct Grid Diary account. If your store order is already bound to another Grid Diary account, please contact us.

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