I am a Grid Diary Classic user, can I use the Grid Diary Android?

Only the new Grid Diary can be used across platforms. The new Grid Diary and Grid Diary Classic are two separate applications. You can click here to learn more.
Currently, it is not supported to directly import the data of Grid Diary Classic to the Android version. But Grid Diary Classic users can migrate data to the new Grid Diary on iOS/Mac devices, and then turn on sync to transfer data to Grid Diary on Android. Please note that sync is a member-only feature, but free trial is provided. You can also use JSON to transfer data between devices with the new Grid Diary installed.

I am a Grid Diary member, do I need to purchase the Android version separately?

No. Only one premium member account is required for all platforms.

Can I get a refund if I am not satisfied?

If you purchase through the App Store or Google Play, you need to apply for a refund from Apple or Google. Due to official store restrictions, developers do not have the right to process refund requests directly.
If you use WeChat to purchase, you can contact us within 14 days after purchase to request a refund. Please provide your account ID and order number when applying.

Will the data be cleared after the premium member account expires?

We pay great attention to protecting your data. After the premium member account expires, your data will be kept intact. You can still use Grid Diary as a free account, but you cannot continue to enjoy the privileges corresponding to the premium member account.

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