To edit the widgets on your homepage, first, tap the "···" icon at the upper right corner of the homepage to enter the widget edit page.

Add or Remove Widgets

Simply tap the red "-" or green "+" icon to add or hide widgets.

Reorder Widgets

Tap and hold the rightmost icon, drag it up or down to reorder.
The top one will be displayed first on the homepage.

Edit Widgets

Tap the “gear” icon to edit widgets.

The homepage will display the entries on "this day" from the past years by default. Additionally, you could also choose to display this day last week and last month.

*Note: You could also check "on this day" and "in this month" on the calendar by tapping any date or month on calendar.

In this section, you can choose to show or hide the calendars from your iOS system.

*Note: To show calendars from other accounts (e.g. Google Calendar, Outlook Calendar), you could add them in your iOS system. Go to "Setting" - "Passwords" - "Add Account".

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