Where can I purchase Grid Diary Membership?

You can purchase Grid Diary Membership within the app.

How to cancel the membership?

Please check this article to enter the page for managing subscriptions.
Simply tap "unsubscribe" to cancel the subscription. Your subscription will stop at the end of current billing cycle.

What happens to my data if I cancel my subscription?

You can still access your data through the Grid Diary app, even after you cancel your  membership. You can also export your data at anytime as PDF, plain text, or JSON.

Does Grid Diary Membership include all my devices?

When you start a membership, your data becomes available across all of our apps: iPhone, iPad, Android and Mac.

I've already purchased the membership, but the membership features are not activated.

In some special cases, our server failed to establish a connection with the Apple Store's server, which will prevent verification of the order information. 

You can tap "Restore Purchase" button on our purchase page to retry.

If you still cannot activate your membership after retrying, please send us a screenshot of your "manage subscription" page through the Help Center in our app for help.

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