Three principles of Grid Diary's data

Data Privacy

We believe that data is your personal asset. In standalone mode, no private data will be uploaded to our server. If you choose to use the Grid Diary Sync Service, the data will be encrypted and stored on our server. We will never sell your data to any third party and will never allow any advertisers to analyze your private data.

Data Safety

We believe that not losing data is the most basic requirement of a diary product. We have developed multiple protection solutions to maximize data security and reduce the risk of misuse.

Freedom of Data

We believe that you have the ownership of your own data. We offer a variety of universal data-interchange data formats that you can migrate to other platforms at any time without worrying about being locked-in.

On Grid Diary's data interface, you can use the following features:


The diaries in Grid Diary can be bulk exported as text, Markdown, PDF files. You can also export diaries to Evernote.


You can import your diaries from Grid Diary Classic to Grid Diary 2. Grid Diary 2 also supports importing from Day One.


Besides using our sync service, you can also use JSON backup and data snapshots to ensure your data safety.

Backup and Restore Guide

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