To use this feature, please make sure your Grid Diary is upgraded to 1.2.0 or newer version.

  1. Tap "Me" at the lower right corner of homepage

  2. Go to "Data" - "Export"' - "Evernote"

  3. After tapping "Evernote", the export setting will show up. You can always check or uncheck "Overwrite Existing Entry" or "Include Tags" based on your own needs.

  4. Lastly, simply tap "Export" and patiently wait for the export to complete.


  • If you are exporting to Evernote for the first time, you need to authorize Grid Diary to access your Evernote account. If you have an Evernote app installed on your device, you will be automatically redirected to it. If not, you can log in directly on the pop-up authorization interface.

  • If you no longer want Grid Diary to access your Evernote account, just tap "Evernote account" again and then log out.


An error occurred during the export process?

Due to the restrictions of the Evernote Server, exporting a large number of diaries at the same time may be rejected. Please reduce the export size or try again after a while. In addition, Evernote's free users will be limited by the 60M monthly upload data.

Is moving Evernote folders going to affect my next export?

As long as you make sure that the name of the folder has not changed, moving the folders will NOT affect your next export.

In export setting, that does "Overwrite Existing Entry" mean?

If you have exported the diaries to Evernote before, "overwrite" means that the previously exported diaries will be overwritten by the current export. And "not overwrite" means that you will only export the diaries that have not been exported last time.

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