Grid Diary 2 is an all brand new app!

Newly Designed Homepage

Our new homepage is designed to help beginners get started in the new app quickly. It includes three main parts:

  1. Widgets on the top: display memories, events from your calendar, and quotes. And you can always customize them as you like.

  2. Week timeline in the middle

  3. Multiple journals at the bottom

Besides, the bottom bar with visual icons will help you switch between different pages easily and quickly. Of course, there are still a lot of gestural interactions, Markdown editor, color themes for you to explore.

What Are the New Features?

  • Multiple journals

  • Week/ month/ year timeline

  • New stickers and tags

  • Enhanced Markdown writing

  • New account system 

  • Dark mode and color themes

Multiple Journals

In Grid Dairy Classic, our users were limited to only one journal. It was like you are dumping everything into one single basket.

But we have solved this problem by including multiple journals so you can always switch from one to another. As we keep different notebooks for traveling, reading, cooking... Why not make it come true in a digital diary?

Just imagine:

Ultimately, you will get a memorable album if you keep a photography diary. Or a cook book if you keep a recipe diary. Or the most valuable memory if you keep a grow-up dairy for your kid.

Moreover, you can customize each journal with a different title, cover, and template to best suit your needs.

Week / Month / Year Timeline

More and more people are implementing G.T.D (Getting Things Done) with journaling. In short, G.T.D is a time management method that has been popular for more than a decade.  

"The GTD method rests on the idea of moving planned tasks and projects out of the mind by recording them externally and then breaking them into actionable work items. This allows attention to be focused on taking action on tasks, instead of recalling them." -- Wikipedia

Instead of only reviewing your daily plan in the old version, the new Grid Dairy allows you to break down your bigger goals into smaller ones and place them on multiple timelines.

In essence, you are not only always working on your next action within the short-term project, but also checking and moving forward to your long-term goals.

The multiple timeline feature is a small tool but it has huge potential of changing your life.


New Stickers and Tags

Personalize and visualize your journaling experience with the new stickers and tags!

We brought more fun into the app - hope it is a good way for you to express the feelings that cannot be described by the words.

In addition to the default tags, you are also able to add your own tags. For example, reading, shopping, traveling and so on. Also, with the help of these different stickers or tags, you can filter the entries quickly.

Enhanced Markdown Writing

When editing the entries, you’ll find an "Aa" button above the keyboard. It includes all the common Markdown and formatting options you need. It is simple to use and almost as good as some professional Markdown editor such as Bear.

What you see is what you write. The Markdown editor will surely unfold a new writing experience.

New Account System and Grid Diary Sync

In the new Grid Diary, syncing has a major change: instead of syncing with Dropbox or iCloud, it allows you to set up your account to sync data on our server quickly and safely. 

Here is the reason why we did this. In the past, our users have had issues when syncing with iCloud and Dropbox. As a diary product, the loss of data is unacceptable for us. Every user's data is always the core of all our missions. So we build our own server. And with the help of it, we can quickly respond to changing needs and bugs that might arise.

Dark Mode and Color Themes

Grid Dairy’s dark mode strikes a balance between bold and elegant. It was designed to provide an immersive experience when writing at night.

Moreover, you can choose from 10 color theme options and add more fun to journaling.


The new Grid Diary has all the potentials of bringing home as many awards as its popular predecessor. It's a delicately crafted app that helps over 3 millions of people start keeping a diary.

Other than optimizing your writing experiences, this fully-upgraded version will surely help you to organize your life and achieve your dreams.

The new Grid Dairy will require you to set up your account on the welcome screen. You can choose to either turn off the sync and store your data locally or subscribe to the membership for more pro features and sync between devices.

For the Classic Pro users, we offer a six-month free trial.

Seven years ago, we went indie. And here is to the next 10! We hope the new Grid Dairy will still be your life company.

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