This Grid Diary 2 is all brand-new app! Its newly-design home screen has set greetings and quotes on the top, week timeline in the middle, and multiple journals on the bottom. That helps beginners to accustomed to this new app quickly. In addition, its new bottom menu with visual icons will guide you to navigate it easily and quickly, for example, switch from different journals and review your daily/ weekly/ monthly/ yearly dairies. Of course, there are still a lot of gestural interactions, Markdown editor, color themes for you to explore.

What are new features?

  • Multiple journals
  • Week/month/year timeline
  • New stickers and tags
  • Enhanced Markdown writing
  • New account system 
  • Dark mode and color styles…

Multiple journals

In Grid Dairy Classic, users were stuck with only one journal. It was a limiting restriction, it was as if everything was being dumped into a single basket. Luckily, new Grid Dairy solves this problem by including multiple journals that can be switched to and from at any time. As we keep different notebooks for journaling, traveling, reading, cooking...why not make it come true in the dairy?

What a memorable album will you get if you keep your photography dairy!

What a valuable memory will you get if you keep your Baby Grow-up dairy!

What an instructional book will you get if you keep your recipe dairy!

Moreover, you can design each journal with different titles, cover, and templates to satisfy what you need.


Week/month/year timeline

The more and more people implement GTD (Getting Things Done) into their own life with journaling. This is a kind of organization system and productivity tool that has been around for quite some time. 

Once you have everything captured and organized, the next step is to engage with your system. Instead of only reviewing your daily plan in the old version, the new Grid Dairy have you to review it weekly, monthly, and yearly.

By constantly reviewing your lists and next actions, you ensure that nothing slips through the cracks. In essence, you are not only always working on your next action within the short-term project, but also available to check and toward your long-term or final goal at hand! 

The daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly review function is a critical part of the process and makes those GTDers thrilling. 


New stickers and tags

We realized that most people would like to personalize their life with different stickers or tags. Therefore, we not only enrich and colorize our old stickers, but also add the tag system in the new Grid Dairy. 

Firstly, we will bring in more series of stickers into it, just like different Emoticon Bags on iPhone or WeChat to express various feelings. It's a much more visualized way to beautify your dairy. 

In addition to the new tags, you will be able to set up your own tags, for example, reading, shopping, traveling and so on. Of course, with the help of these different stickers or tags, you can filter your entries quickly.

Enhanced Markdown writing

When you edit your entries, you’ll find an Aa button at the bottom left. It houses all the common Markdown and formatting options you need to properly format your entries. Literally, its simple but user-friendly functions almost as good as some professional Markdown editor——Bear.

What you see is what you write. This enhanced Markdown editor will surely unfold a new writing world and give you wonderful experience.

New account system

In new Grid Dairy, syncing has gotten a thorough change: instead of syncing with Dropbox or iCloud, it requires users to set up their own account to sync data on its own platform quickly and steadily. 

Since iCloud and Dropbox service do not work well on some areas, we heard some users may be lost part of data while syncing between different devices. That must be an inevitable loss that makes anyone heartbroken. Your data is always our priority, and that's why we let you have a personal account to store data locally or upgrade your membership to sync between various devices. 

Dark mode and color themes

Compare to the previous version, Grid Dairy’s dark mode strikes a balance between striking and elegant. Our design team has found a way to make the dark mode feel completely natural to rest your eyes, as though the dark design has been around since inception. Moreover, there are 10 different kinds of color themes to satisfy your need.


Grid Diary 2 has all the possibilities of bringing home as many awards as its popular predecessor. It's a delicately crafted app that helps over 3 millions of people start keeping dairy in an easy step.

Except for promoting your writing experiences, this fully-upgraded version will surely help you to order your life and achieve your dreams more precisely.

The new Grid Dairy will require you to set up your account in the welcome screen. You can use its stand-alone version to store your data locally,  or you can purchase its yearly subscription for pro features and sync on your devices.

The new Grid Dairy will require you to set up your account in the welcome screen. You can use its stand-alone version to store your data locally, or you can purchase its yearly subscription for pro features and sync on your devices.

Moreover, we offer a 6-months free trial for Classic Pro users.

6 years ago we went indie. Here is to the next 10! We hope the new Grid Dairy will still be your life company.

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