To use this feature, please make sure your Grid Diary is upgraded to 1.2.0 or newer version.


JSON is a universal data-interchange format supported by Grid Diary. Please note that the exported JSON file is not encrypted and you need to manually save it to a safe location. Importing a JSON file will not overwrite the previous data on your current device, and its effect is the same as the data on your current device plus the data in the JSON files.

Data Snapshot

A data snapshot is a backup of the local database and an index of the attachments. Data snapshot is only needed when you need to restore historical data or if you cannot use the sync feature. If you need to back up or migrate your data, we recommend using the JSON import and export features.

Automatically Created Data Snapshots

To make your data more secure, Grid Diary can automatically create a snapshot of the data every day and save it to iCloud. Automatically created snapshots will only retain the latest 30 copies.

Restore From Snapshot

Restoring from the snapshot will overwrite the data on your current device.

Snapshots and synchronization: Restoring data snapshot only works on the current device, and the data on the sync server will not be affected. When you turn on sync, local data will still be overwritten by the updated data on the sync server. Therefore, when you restore from a snapshot, Grid Diary will automatically turn off the sync feature.

Export Data Snapshot

The snapshot file itself does not include attachments, so it only takes up little space. You can also export the snapshot as a complete backup file (.gdsnapshot) with attachments.


Should I use sync or backup?

In most cases, Grid Diary's sync service can completely replace the backup feature. But JSON and data snapshot provide an extra layer of security for your data. We recommend that you turn on sync, keep the default auto-create snapshot option, and periodically export JSON to another location for archiving.

How do I migrate my data to my new device?

If you are a member of Grid Diary, just log in to your account and wait patiently for the sync to complete. If you are not a member, you can manually export the JSON file from the old device and then import it to the new device, which will also complete the data migration.

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