To use this feature, please make sure your Grid Diary is upgraded to 1.2.0 or newer version.

  1. Go to "Me" - "Data" - "Export"

  2. Set export filter and format
    Export filter
    : Tap "Entries" and then you are able to sort the diaries by journal, category, sticker, tag, or year.
    Export format: choose which kind of file you want to export your diaries as (Text, Markdown or PDF files) or choose to export diaries to Evernote.

  3. After setting, simply tap "Export"

  4. Tap "Save to Files" and then choose the files you want to save your diaries to.

Note: When you choose to export PDF file, you could also set PDF size (A3, A4, A5 or US Letter) and PDF file options ("One file for all entries" or "One file per entry")

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