If you are unable to purchase or if the purchase is not available, please check the following solutions

1.Please confirm that Grid Diary was downloaded from the App Store.

2.Please confirm that it is not jailbroken to install the crack plugin, or it cannot be purchased.

3.Please confirm that the network is stable and available.

4.Check if "In-App Purchase Project" is open in System Settings > General > Access Restrictions.

5.Log out of your Apple ID and re-enter the Grid Diary, click to resume purchase.

6.If you have already purchased successfully but have not upgraded successfully, then you only need to switch to the mobile data network, and then re-open the Grid Diary. You can click on the "membership"to purchase again in the purchase interface, and you will not be charged twice.

If all of the above are excluded or you are unable to make a purchase, please contact us.

P.s Please don't be nervous when the purchase fails. We promise that there will never be a second charge. If you pay, then the money will not be missing. Please don't worried.

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