Markdown is a lightweight "markup language" with many advantages. It is now widely used by more and more writing enthusiasts and contributors.

Don't be fooled by "marking" or "language" when you see it here. Markdown's syntax is very simple. There are no more than ten commonly used tag symbols. Compared to the more complex HTML markup language, Markdown can be described as very lightweight, and the learning cost is not too much. Once you are familiar with this grammar rule, you will have The effect once and for all.

It replaces typography with a simple grammar, unlike the word processing software Word or Pages we use a lot of typography and font settings. It allows us to focus on codewords and replace the common typographical format with "tag" syntax. For example, from the content to the format, and even the illustrations, the keyboard can be fixed.


  • Focus on your text content instead of typographic style and write with peace of mind.
  • Easily export HTML, PDF, and your own .md files.
  • Plain text content, compatible with all text editors and word processing software.
  • Modify your version of the article at any time without having to mess up with several file versions like word processing software.
  • Readable, intuitive, and low learning costs.

Enhanced Markdown of Grid Diary 2

  •  Reduce learning costs: you don't have to let users memorize the "tag" syntax, just type the bottom toolbar to type the diary content.
  • WYSIWYG: After typesetting, the text effect is displayed instantly on the grid interface.

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