As a product for writing diaries, user privacy has always been what we value the most. We once suggested our users only storing the data on their own devices. However, as more and more people are using multiple devices every day, the need for convenient synchronization between different devices is becoming increasingly important.

We used a third-party solution in Grid Diary Classic. And our users were able to choose their trusted cloud services such as iCloud and Dropbox. But it also brings difficulties of debugging. Unfortunately, in the last six years, we were not able to solve some data loss issues perfectly. So after careful consideration, we decided to build our own server for the new Grid Diary. Our service adopts industry-standard encryption methods to protect user data.

We completely understand if you are still concerned about data privacy. You can always choose to turn off the sync service or use the guest mode only, so the data will only be stored on your own device. We suggest backing up your data regularly to avoid data loss when you have to replace the device.

Please check our privacy policy for more details.

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