Grid Diary Sync is our service for syncing and backing up your Grid Diary journals on all of your iOS devices. It is available for members and it’s a single subscription for all devices. 

Why did you create Grid Diary Sync?

We have two main reasons:

Stability and reliability.  

Dropbox and iCloud were never 100% successful for all of our users.

On Dropbox, we had continued challenges with duplicate entries appearing in journals. On iCloud, we had problems with data loss. With both services, when things went wrong, they will out of our control because they are not tailored for Grid Diary.

Therefore, our technical requirements and product roadmap are not the same as either iCloud or Dropbox’s. And we don’t need to wait for them to change their services to meet our data needs. With our own service, we can quickly respond to changing needs and bugs that might arise.


We've architected the new Grid Diary Sync to store your data securely.

By default, Grid Diary Sync encrypts the data on our server and securely transfers the data from the server to the Grid Diary app. Meanwhile, it will also encrypt your data when your devices are syncing.

You can always choose to either sync your data to our server or store your data locally when you are only using one device.

Currently we are planning to develop a feature called end-to-end encryption. It utilizes a user-generated, private key to encrypt all entries before they reach Grid Diary's server. Maximum security is assured for your data since the encryption key will be only held by the end-users.

How much does it cost?

Grid Diary Sync is included in Grid Diary membership.

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