Firstly, go to "Me" - "Settings"


  • Set your password and the password preferences

  • You can also enable Face ID here


  • Grid Diary will remind you write your diary at the scheduled time


  • Enable "Save to Camera Roll" so the photos you take with Grid Diary will be saved to your camera roll

  • Choose the photo size


  • Members can switch to the dark mode

  • Choose the accent color journal style

Sound Effect

  • Every operation will have a sound effect if it's enabled

Editor Style


  • Set the start time of your week & day according to your own habits


App Launch

There are 3 ways to launch Grid Dairy:

  1. None: launch the homepage when you start the app

  2. Last Opened: launch the journal you opened last time when you start the app

  3. Select Journal: select a specific journal you want to launch every time you start the app

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