If I'm only using Grid Diary on one device, is sync necessary?

No, it is not necessary if you are only using the app on one single device.

Sync is only necessary when you use the Grid Diary app on multiple devices. It is also a great backup method. If you have to replace your device, you can simply download Grid Diary and sign in to your account. And that’s why we recommend you to subscribe to the membership.

Can Grid Diary sync with iCloud or Dropbox?


In the past, we had a lot of cases of data loss and duplication with iCloud and Dropbox. Every user’s data is what we care about the most, and this kind of situation was not acceptable. So we have built our server for Grid Diary Sync from the ground up.

What if the sync keeps failing to complete?

Although we do our best to keep the sync service stable and secure, there are chances that fail the server. Please check the server status, if it shows offline, then please be patient and we will usually resolve it within 24 hours.

Don't worry, the offline priority design of Grid Diary allows you to continue using it normally without network access.

If the server status shows normal, but your data is still not syncing, please contact us for help.

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